Become a student volunteer

Why volunteer with M Simulation?

  • Work and learn with M Simulation team members, PhD educators,physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals to assist with the training for medical students, residents physicians, nurses, and for learners across health science professions.
  • Learn about standardized/simulated patients, mannequins and task trainers, online simulation and virtual simulation platforms, and cutting edge simulator design with M Simulation and industry partners.
  • Great experience for high school students, any undergraduate students interested in science, performing arts, or health related fields including, pre-medicine, nursing, engineering, physiology, pharmacy, IT, or theater students, (many SPs have performance backgrounds)!
  • Flexible scheduling that works around your class schedule.

We are looking for volunteers interested in medicine,technical/engineering fields, and the arts:

  • For those interested in medicine, coursework in biology, social sciences, anatomy or physiology would be helpful.
  • For those with an interest in the technical side of M Simulation, coursework in math, physics, computer science or engineering would be useful.
  • For art or technical theater majors, coursework in moulage, animation, lighting and design would be helpful