Develop your Project

Our staff members have unique professional experiences and training in simulation methodology which complements our clients’ clinical expertise. 

M Simulation may provide support at any stage of the educational process, from project conceptualization to program evaluation. We specialize in meeting diverse educational needs by:

  • Helping our partners clarify their goals and expectations
  • Identifying the most applicable simulation modalities to meet learner needs
  • Working within time and financial constraints to maximize learning outcomes
  • Providing educational design, training, and logistical support resulting in innovative and effective projects

Steps for simulation scheduling and project development:

  1. Complete the M Simulation Project Proposal Form.
    • Make sure to provide at least 2 options for dates/times for scheduling purposes.
    • For questions about this form please contact [email protected].
    • If you are unsure of some project details, please submit your form as it is better to get it to us, so we are aware of your upcoming project. 
    • Please submit a new project proposal form if there has been a change in the scope, dates, or points of contact for your project. 
    • If we have a question about your form, an M Simulation team member will contact you directly.
  2. Our Client Services Manager, will confirm your scheduled dates. Please do not assume your requested dates have been scheduled until you receive a confirmation email.  
  3. After a simulation project is scheduled and confirmed, a M Simulation team member, acting as your project manager, will connect with you to discuss simulation curriculum design and implementation including assessment, event logistics, scheduling, and any other relevant information.

Key Dates

As a mission-driven unit of the health sciences, scheduling priority is given to stakeholders within the health sciences, those with high-stakes clinical assessment needs, and those whose projects could not be implemented elsewhere. 

Requests received prior to submission deadlines receive priority consideration. Requests received after submission deadlines are subject to resource and staff availability.

  • Fall projects (September through December): April 1
  • Spring projects (January through May): September 15
  • Summer projects (June through August): December 1