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Simulation Training Includes Spoken Language Interpreters As Part of the Health Care Team

Training designed to improve communication in clinical settings.
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M Simulation Serves University Campuses System-Wide

The M Simulation team traveled to Duluth and Rochester to train medical and occupational therapy students.
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A Standardized Patient's Experience

SPs portray individuals in simulated clinical scenarios used in health care education and training.

Minnesota-Based Global Health Course Offers Intensive Training for Clinicians in Partnership with M Simulation

The course provides intensive training for physicians, medical students, residents, fellows, and other health care providers.
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Health Profession Pathways Program Prepares Students for Future Health Careers

The program supports students from diverse backgrounds as they develop into future leaders in health professional careers.
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First-of-its-Kind Trauma-Informed Care Simulation Series Will Help Train Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Across Minnesota

M Simulation piloted a new training on trauma-informed interviewing to help prepare sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) to care for patients who have experienced sexual assault or abuse.
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M Simulation, School of Dentistry Partner to Provide Medical Emergency Training to International Cohort of Students

M Simulation recently hosted 11 dental students from Heidelberg University and delivered a simulated training experience on managing medical emergencies.
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University of Minnesota’s Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility Creates Innovative, Online Refugee Health Screening Training

Two years after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, the world faces growing humanitarian needs including the crisis unfolding in the Ukraine as individuals flee the country by the thousands for safety and protection.
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Double Duty: Simulation Educators and Combat Medics

How M Simulation Staff Serving in the National Guard Helped with the Evacuation of Americans and Afghans in Kabul.

M Simulation Partners with Howard University to Further DEI Efforts in Standardized Patient Training

Standardized patients (SPs) are regular people who help learners better communicate with patients.