Human Simulation

Our Standardized Patient Program

What working with a standardized patient can do for learners

Our Standardized Patient Program consists of diverse individuals who are highly-trained and experienced standardized patients (SPs), who simulate real-life clinical experiences by portraying individuals with specific medical conditions, concerns, and histories. SPs can also portray clients, family members, and health care professionals as part of the simulated experience.

SPs support student learning by providing feedback on constructive written and verbal feedback on clinical communication/interviewing skills . Our Patient Educators are SPs who are specially trained to coach learners on physical exam maneuvers. Additionally, it is well established that SPs may serve as reliable and valid raters to assess learner progress.

Human Simulation occurs synchronously when one person who is purposefully trained interacts with a learner, often in a modified role play format, to provide them with an active learning opportunity to practice a skill set. In healthcare education and training this person is most often referred to as a standardized or simulated patient (SP) who is trained by SP Educators to portray a patient while interacting with health sciences learners.