CAE Learning Space

The software is web based so may be accessed synchronously from off-site and recorded sessions may also be accessed post-event from on or off-site. Cameras and microphones are installed throughout the M Simulation facilities to record events including in all 18 clinic exam rooms, the 2 operating rooms, 7 in-patient rooms, in most hallways and public spaces.

Record, Debrief and Assess
CAE LearningSpace allows for monitoring of one room or multiple simulation rooms from on or off-site , immediate viewing and sharing of video, simulator and medical device data., Additionally, the software gives M Simulation the ability to create custom assessment checklists / rubrics for learners, faculty, or standardized patients.

CAE LearningSpace also provides M Simulation the capability to collect assessment data from clinical checklists, communication skills assessment tools, and other rubrics in order to  produce learner reports from this data. Performance assessment checklists in LearningSpace are customized for each project, and can be completed online by faculty, instructors, standardized patients, peers, and learners.

Debriefing and learner self-reflection
Immediately after simulated encounters, learners can access the CAE LearningSpace system to conduct a number of activities – from group debriefing to watching peers to each learner viewing their own performance. Through LearningSpace, faculty can also provide learners opportunities to reflect on specific elements of their performance.